Granite Heroes Restoring Chicago's Marble, Granite & Terrazzo
One Job, at a Time!
Stone & Tile Floor Care Clean, Seal and restore any natural stone
service in your Chicago condo , high rise, or home.
Stone Countertops Granite and marble countertop
polishing and sealing services
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Don't fear, The Granite Heroes are Here!

GRANITE HEROES is Chicago natural stone cleaning, polishing, & restoration company. Your HEROES are MASTER STONE CRAFTSMEN who have the proper years of experience and training required to clean, fix, repair and restore any natural stone surface. Each GRANITE HERO is an EXPERT MASONRY CONTRACTOR who have the knowledge to cut, reshape, smooth, hone, and seal any natural stone surface to a factory finish. GRANITE HEROES specializes in the after market care of natural stone in the Chicagoland area. It's this focus & dedication to our industry craft which separates GRANITE HEROES from every Chicago janitorial service cleaning company, carpet cleaning company, and maid cleaning service in Chicago, IL.


Why Should You Hire Granite Heroes?

  • GRANITE HEROES was created with one purpose in mind, to save Chicago's natural stone services from the evil cleaning product villain, acid etch, and unskilled cleaning contractors, one project at at time!

  • SURFACES WE CLEAN & RESTORE: Showers walls, stairs, flooring, kitchen counter tops, bathroom counter tops, fireplace and more. Call: 312-800-1659
  • MASTER STONE CRAFTSMEN: Our master craftsmen provides Chicago with marble burnishing, granite polishing, Chicago terrazzo cleaning & waxing, limestone finishing & travertine smoothing "honing" services in Chicago.
  • THE BEST TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY:We use only the top of the line diamond honing abrasives, agents, tools and technology. We attend yearly training seminars to stay current with latest trends and technologies
  • SURFACES WE RESTORE: Natural stone cleaning and restoration services include granite, marble, travertine, terrazzo, and slate care.
  • Stone Cleaning Chicago

    Marble & Granite Polishing, Terrazzo Cleaning Chicago, IL

    Has your marble or terrazzo floor lost it shine, is it dull, has the wax or finish worn off? If so GRANITE HEREOS will restore, repair or maintain your ceramic, granite, limestone, marble, porcelain, slate, travertine, or terrazzo surface. GRANITE HEROES Chicago Marble cleaning service technicians will use the latest techniques and tools to restore the look of your marble floor.. We work with marble counter tops, terrazzo floors, walls, travertine showers, vanities, bars surfaces and more. Call: 312-800-1659


    Grout Cleaning Chicago

    Clean, fix, seal, & restore your grout joints from old to new

    GRANITE HEROES offer grout color seal restoration services in Chicago and greater metropolitan area. Our Chicago Tile and grout cleaning service is designed to make stained or discolored grout , return to its original look and feel. This service is great for slate floor grout, marble floor grout, porcelain tile grout, and shower grout services. Clean, fix, repair, seal, and restore your grout joints back to new. Call: 312-800-1659

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    Marble Countertop Burnishing Company Chicago, IL

    Want your kitchen countertop to look new again? Having a dinner party, or a pre game celebration before a night out? Save $25 off your Chicago kitchen countertop polishing service.

    Slate Cleaning Business Chicago, IL

    Granite Heroes is a proud supporter of the us military. The real Heroes are everyone who has fought for the freedoms we all enjoy. Present your Dog Tags, ID, or service metals and receive 5% stone or tile cleaning service in Chicago, IL.

    Grout Cleaning Company Chicago, IL

    Overtime grout gets dirty. Its recommended your clean and seal your grout 1 once a year. Most people neglect this fact, therefore their grout gets dirty, breaks down, cracks, and falls apart over time. Have a HERO save your grout and get $100 off your Chicago grout cleaning & staining sealing service.

    We Use The Highest Grade Tools & Products on Every Job!
    Our commitment to FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP and QUALITY SERVICE will GUARANTEE your 100% satisfied after the job is complete
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