Concrete Polishing & Restoration

Concrete Counter tops Polishing & Restoration

Polished concrete floors are becoming a great alternative to tile, carpet or other flooring materials. Small and medium retail and commercial businesses as well as residential settings can benefit from polished concrete floors. Most existing concrete floors can be a candidate for concrete polishing. Give Granite Heroes a call and we'll give you our expert opinion. Polished concrete floors can be stained and scored to fit just about any style. We can work with the architect, owner or contractor to achieve what you are looking for. On residential concrete polished floors are seen in: Kitchens, Garages, polished concrete floors never peel or flake like epoxy type of floors often seen in garages. Living Rooms and Dining rooms. Commercial applications for polished concrete:Facilities, Retail, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Warehouses and schools.


Concrete Flooring Polishing & Restoration

A natural stone surface such as a marble floor may require the "3 Step Procedure" in order to have the hard surface properly restored. This may involve Grinding prior to Deep Honing and Polishing Procedures. Granite Heroes suggests that this is a more aggressive procedure and may need to be done if the surface has extreme etching, deep scratches, excessive wear and dulling. Tiles with "high edges" or lippage, may need to be ground down. Our Granite Heroes will do the job properly with the deep honing will bring back the beautiful clarity in the stone thus producing an even better polish or gloss. You may even have what we call a Honed finish on the surface. This natural stone look has a lower sheen or matte finish. Honed or Polish is in the eyes of the beholder. Even though this procedure can solve most issues with floor damage; areas with deep scratches, gouges, or nicks may need to be repaired or filled. This will all depend on the make-up or integrity of the marble, Travertine or other natural stone.



Natural Stone such as: Marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, onyx, bluestone, flagstone, serpentine stone, sandstone, and engineered natural stone require a different cleaning process to maintain the look a feel of the floor. Over time the sealer and wax's breakdown and can cause damage to the natural stone tile surface if not cleaned and re-sealed.

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Concrete Polishing Before & After Pictures

Carrera Marble
Description: Remove water marks, ething, scratching, polish to a high shine.

Black Granite
Description: Remove water marks, ething, scratching, polish to a high shine.

Description: Remove water marks, ething, scratching, polish to a high shine.


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