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Granite Heroes Lake Forest stone restoration archive, documents a day in the life of Granite Heroes. FREE ESTIMATES for all clients in Wicker Park, Illinois. Step into our shoes as we clean, polish & restore natural stone in Wicker Park, IL 60622. Book Online today and recieve 10% off your service!

Wicker Park Granite Countertop Polishing

Marble Steam Shower Restoration

Wicker Park, IL 60622

. What makes granite a superior choice vs marble as a natural stone countertop is its ability to not scratch and resist staining and damage caused by cleaners. With that said the wrong clears may not damage granite but they do affect the polish and overall look. This granite countertop polishing project documents the maintenance and polishing of granite in our client's kitchen in Wicker Park, IL.

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Marble Crack Repair Service in Lincoln, Park IL

Marble Floor Polishing

Wicker Park, IL 60622

This marble floor was jacked up and need lots of help. The client wanted to list the home to sell, and desperately needed the marble bathroom floors cleaned and polished before placing there place on the market. Its amazing what a clean and pop can do to a marble floors appearance before selling a property.

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Wicker Park Bathroom Vanity Polishing Contractors

Bathroom Vanity Polishing

Wicker Park , IL 60622

Creme marble bathroom countertops can be tricky to restore as well as maintain. This project documents a creme marble countertop project located in Wicker Park, IL. The main issue with this creme marble countertops were etching, scratching, pitting and and over all flat look. This Wicker Park marble restoration project required a 7 step process incorporating grinding, honing and polishing to restore the polish and finish to the kitchen countertops.

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Stone Restoration in Wicker Park, Illinois

    The present day neighborhood of Wicker Park is best known for its numerous commercial and entertainment establishments, and being a convenient place to live for downtown workers due to its proximity to public transportation and The Loop. Wicker Park majorly changed when MTV's taping of The Real World: Chicago in 2001. The overall gengrfaction of the area led to increased business activity, with many new restaurant-bars and stores opening to serve the young high income lifestyles. Wicker Park is extremely trendy known for hosting emerging bands, high fashion boutiques, cutting-edge gourmet restaurants and bakeries, European-style cafes, upscale independent grocers, and artsy businesses that come and go due to increasing retail rent. GRANITE HEROES is a TOP RATED provider of marble, granite, terrazzo restoration services to community of Wicker Park, IL. Schedule a FREE quote by calling 312-800-1659 or online via our PHOTO UPLOADER.