How to Prevent Limestone Flooring Deterioration?

People who get limestone as flooring for their home see endless benefits in limestone. The most obvious reason is that it’s very pretty to look at because of the natural shining and glaze. Usually, limestone is used for decorative reasons. Since it is very soft, limestone is more vulnerable to scratches and requires frequent limestone restoration. The harsh cleaning products, acidic substances, sharp tools, and edges can deteriorate your limestone flooring.

Generally, limestone is grey in color; however, they’re also available in several other natural colors like yellow, dark brown, light brown, and white. Adding limestone to your house gives a natural touch and keeps everyone calm and happy. No matter how durable your flooring is, certain practices will end up deteriorating their quality. Each natural element comes with a limited life. However, certain practices can help extend the lifespan of your limestone floors.

Here’s how you can prevent your limestone flooring from getting further deteriorated.

1-Remove the staining

If your kid is learning to walk, there are chances he/she will spill whatever comes in their way. Your house is going to get dirty, and you have to take care of it. If the stain remains over your limestone flooring for a certain period, it’ll end up altering the color of your floor. So, make sure not to leave the stain for a longer period and clean it up immediately. Your aim should be to keep the floor as neat as possible. Make a habit of regularly sweeping the floor and using cleaning agents that aren’t harsh enough for your floor. Addressing the stain without much delay will save you from the trouble of dealing with the discolored limestone flooring.


While the limestone flooring is initially put in place, contractors seal the limestone flooring by creating a barrier between the limestone tiles and the outside environment. However, they don’t tell you that it’s going to wear off soon, making your flooring vulnerable. It’s better to take preventive measures instead of calling for limestone restoration. One can reseal the areas of their house, which experiences the most traffic. Now the question arises how one can know that the floor needs to be resealed? You can perform a simple experiment to know that.

Pour water over several regions of the surface and leave it untouched for about 30 minutes. If you notice a dark ring or mark, this signifies that the water got absorbed into the stone, and it needs resealing. Sealing prevents the limestone floor from etching and staining. Since limestone is very porous, it needs a sealant to prevent the water from causing staining.

3-Using the correct products

People having limestone flooring should get it etched into their minds that they have to very careful while selecting products to clean their limestone floors. Only pH-balanced cleansers specifically formulated for limestone and marble floors should be used. Acidic cleaners and chemical abrasives might cause etching, where any calcium-based stones like travertine, marble, or limestone produce cloudy white marks when they come in contact with acidic solutions.

Spills from tomato sauce, vinegar, lemon juice, and soda might cause etching. To get rid of etching, limestone etch-removers or polishing compounds are available in the market. Meanwhile, if the etching has reached a serious level, you call the professionals for stone care.

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4-Avoid DIY Finishes

Lacquers and finished might successfully give you the desired “wet look” and might also temporarily guarantee to safeguard your limestone flooring. However, in reality, it might end up harming your floor instead of delivering limestone restoration. The DIY finishes will gradually erode away, making your limestone bed more susceptible to deterioration due to foot traffic. Also, they block the pore causing dullness and premature deterioration in limestone surface over time.

In case you already possess the finish, we would strongly recommend you not to remove the finish yourself as the process might be very tough and might need permanent stone damage if done improperly. So, it’s best to get professionals’ jobs as they possess appropriate stripping agents and equipment. Depending on the customer’s preference, they can polish and hone the floor to a high-gloss or even a low sheen.

Why is it necessary to hire a professional for limestone restoration?

To provide an ideal solution for your limestone floor restoration, an expert has to properly develop and analyze a restoration and cleaning solution that meets your budget as well as requirement. If you’re a novice, don’t even try to get the job done all by yourself, as the lack of knowledge and experience in you might further aggravate the situation.

Several agencies have opened up who render stone care professional cleaning services to the local customers. Their experience and skill make them the best at what they are doing. Additionally, there is no chance of aggravating the condition more when professionals are dealing with it. You can browse through the internet by typing “professional limestone restoration agency near me,” and the screen will flash a list of options in front of you. No matter what your requirement is, they are capable of handling it with the utmost ease. Be it polishing, cleaning, or sealing; they can take care of all.


We hope the guide was educative enough and proved to be beneficial for you. Now that you are aware of the practices that you should avoid for your limestone flooring’s longevity, we wish you all the best. Also, don’t forget to ensure frequent maintenance of the flooring by the experts. Natural stones are very different from each other and require deep analysis for efficient cleaning without causing any damage. And this task could only be successfully tackled by professionals. Taking care of certain factors will provide you with a glossy and shining look for a longer period. Why spend a huge amount in replacing the tiles when you can extend its life by investing a little amount in maintenance? Make your decisions wisely!

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