Natural Stone Restoration: Why Should you Hire a Professional for the job?

Your natural stone surface experiences wear and tear because of the heavy traffic. Thanks to its durability! Its original condition can be restored by following professional natural stone restoration methods. Certain factors decide how frequently one has to carry out the process of stone restoration. The first factor is what kind of stone you have. For instance, stones like travertine, limestone, or marble are sensitive to acid. Therefore, these stones call for frequent natural stone restoration. And the second factor is how you have been maintaining the stone. While harsher chemicals will quickly damage your stone, neutral cleaners will maintain your stone and keep it looking good for longer.

However, when the need to bring back the original condition of the stone arises, people get confused about whether to tackle the problem on their own or call for professional help. If you’re going through the same dilemma, then take a look at this guide.

DIY vs. Professional Cleaning Agency

Restoration services provided by professionals are highly-specialized and of good quality. It goes beyond just cleaning the stone surfaces. Apart from cleaning countertops, walls, stone floors, experts also restore and preserve it. If you’re planning to do a DIY natural stone restoration, we’d suggest you drop the idea as you do not possess the necessary skill and knowledge to preserve and restore the original look of the natural stone surface.

Using inappropriate supplies or cleaning methods might end up causing even more damage to your stone surface. On the other hand, professionals have several years of experience and training in this particular field. They come with the appropriate cleaning products, cleaning methods, and equipment to get the job done. Since every stone is different, they need a different approach for cleaning. And that’s what professionals do! They tailor a method that best suits your stone surface. This is the reason why you get remarkable results when you hire a professional cleaning service. Even if your stone surface has gone through years of abuse, experts can clean it with the utmost ease.

What makes professional cleaning service worth it?

1-Expertise and experience

Even though cleaning your flooring might seem like a fun activity on your leisure, you shouldn’t really do it. You cannot match the standard of cleanliness that’s delivered by specialist cleaners. Caring, maintaining, and cleaning the stone comes with certain challenges, which only professionals can meet. Several factors make natural stone restoration even more difficult such as using wrong cleaning products, not having the knowledge and expertise, and special equipment.

Professional stone cleaners have high knowledge and expertise in using sealing and cleaning solutions. Experts reach difficult edges and corners and wipe off all the dirt and debris. If the right materials aren’t used, your precious stone surface might get scratched, which is the last thing you want. However, the cleaning agency will leave your stone surface with a high-quality finish.

2-Efficient and Quick Cleaning

If you think your entire weekend will be spent in cleaning, then you’re probably wrong. Cleaning agencies take very little time and provide you with efficient and quick clean up at affordable rates. These agencies specifically tailor methods for your stone surface that would give promising results. Such practices ensure less drying time while restoring the lost shine and beauty of your stone. Also, they’re quite pet-friendly and see your four-legged friends as important as their clients. Once the cleaning is done, you’ll have the entire weekend to yourself.

3-High-quality cleaning products

High-quality maintenance, restorative, and cleaning products suitable for natural stone restoration are not easily available in the market. Even though some of the cleaning products claim to provide a glossy finish and restore its look, they might end up damaging the surface even more. However, when you hire a professional cleaning agency, all the cleaning products they use are high-quality and adhere to the industry-standard.

Apart from making your stone floor spick and span, they also make sure to reduce the risk of damaging the stone surface. Not merely that, they also provide the best advice on how one can preserve the natural shine and look of the stone floor. Why indulge in inappropriate practices when you have various cleaning agencies at your disposal? Call up a cleaning agency right away!

4-Provide extra protection

During construction and building, floors are not usually sealed to protect the natural stone surface of limestone, marble, travertine, & marble, and homeowners are usually not aware of this fact. An unsealed stone floor will absorb whatever falls over it. All the liquid spills, oil, dust, grime, and food get absorbed into it, just like a sponge absorbs water.

However, if you take the help of experts, they’ll add a layer of sealing to your surface, which will further protect your surface from whatever comes it’s way. The latest and most advanced sealers are used to carry out this process. If sealing is done properly of the floors, walls, and surfaces, it’ll create a barrier between the naked stone surface and other contaminants. What could be a better way than this to protect your stone surface?


Having a cleaned and new looking stone surface not only adds to the charm of the house but also increase the price of both commercial and residential properties. Stones possess a unique and natural finish, which enhances the look. They can last for a lifetime without losing its natural appeal. Regular cleaning and maintenance are the keys to achieve this. While some people consider natural stone restoration expensive, it’s far cheaper than replacing them with other flooring options.


There’s so much more to natural stone restoration, and a novice can not meet every challenge in this field. This is why hiring professionals for repair is strongly recommended. Also, such agencies offer very affordable packages that will not burn a hole into the pocket of the clients. Getting a professional agency to clean and maintain your stone surface will save you a lot of money, which you need to spend otherwise on replacing the stone. Invest a little amount of money and extend the life of the expensive stone flooring.

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