What is Natural Stone Restoration?

stone marble cleaner

Step 1. Identify the problems with the natural stone surface

Natural stone covers a wide array of materials such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, onyx, sandstone, flagstone, bluestone and slate. Natural stone finish styles include polished, honed, tumbled, flamed, antiqued, textured, and natural. To restore the look of the surface our Granite Heroes stone specialists look for scratch's, analyze the depth of the scratches, uneven floor tiles, problems with staining, etching, and spotting. After identifying problem areas create a custom plan to remove deep scratch's, water marks, water spots, and any damage to the surface of the stone.

Work Space preparation

Step 2. Thoroughly Prep Work Space

After a Granite Hero stone specialist has identified the natural stone type, and existing finish, the team will thoroughly prep the work space to insure your home stays in the condition it was in before we got there. Our services are designed to enhance the look of your home, not cause issues in other areas. Our heroes lay drop cloths, apply special plastic wraps, tape and prep all work space before starting the natural stone cleaning process.

Marble Polishing

Step 3. Grind, Hone, Polish and Restore

Natural stone cleaning is the process of completely removing all surface grease, grim, dirt, scum, sealers, and topical waxes. This is just step one. After we complete the cleaning segment, we then use diamond reson technology to hone "sand and refinish" your natural stone surface back to its factory finish. The grinding, and honing process removes scratch's, staining, etching, spotting and any other damage to the surface of the tile. We then polishg the surface up to the highest grit possible creating a natural factory polish to the stone surface.

white marble

Step 4. Finish and Apply Sealer

All natural stones are pores by nature, which means they need to be sealed regularly to prevent staining. Natural stones that are placed in a high moisture area such as showers, and counter tops need to be sealed more often. After your surface has been properly deep cleaned our Granite Hero natural stone specialists apply a penetrating natural stone sealer to your natural stone shower, counter top, or floor. Different sealer options are availabe. Ask your Hero for more details.


Daily Cleaning Procedures and Recommendations


Clean stone surfaces with a few drops of neutral cleaner, stone soap (available at hardware stores or from your stone dealer), or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. Use a clean soft cloth for best results. Too much cleaner or soap may leave a film and cause streaks. Do not use products that contain lemon, vinegar, or other acids on marble or limestone. Rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with the soap solution and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use scouring powders or creams; these products contain abrasives that may scratch the surface.


Dust mop interior floors frequently using a clean, non-treated dry dust mop. Sand, dirt, and grit do the most damage to natural stone surfaces due to their abrasiveness. Wet the stone surface with clean water. Using the cleaning solution (following manufacturer’s directions), wash in small, overlapping sweeps. Work from the bottom up if it is a vertical surface. Rinse thoroughly with clean, potable water to remove all traces of soap or cleaner solution. Change the water in the rinse pail frequently. Dry with soft cloth and allow to thoroughly air dry.


Soap scum can be minimized by using a squeegee after each use. To remove soap scum, use a non-acidic soap scum remover or a solution of ammonia and water (about 1/2 cup ammonia to a gallon of water). Frequent or over-use of an ammonia solution may eventually dull the surface of the stone.


The large expanses of stone generally found on exterior applications may make it impractical to perform normal maintenance on a frequent basis. Large installations, however, should be given periodic overall cleaning as necessary to remove accumulated pollutants. Easily accessible stone surfaces such as steps, walkways, fountains, etc., should be kept free of debris and soiling by periodically sweeping and washing with water. Normal maintenance should include periodic inspection of stone surfaces for structural defects, movement, deterioration, or staining.

Natural Stone Restoration Services

Natural stones are widely used on floors, walls, walkways, patio, pool decks and other types of surfaces. These types of stones beautiful, natural and durable. They come in various colors, designs and styles to meet individual needs. Some of the most popular types of natural stones are marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, onyx,sandstone, flagstone, bluestone and slate. They add to aesthetic appeal of any space and can last for many years with the right care and maintenance.

Natural stones need maintenance to last for a long time. Most of the natural stones are porous, which means they need to be sealed regularly to keep them looking great.Likewise, they need maintenance to last for a long time. Natural stone restoration services can help you keep your natural stones in top-notch condition.

Granit Heroes specialize in natural stone restoration and can help you bring back the shine and efficiency of various natural stone surfaces.

Our Natural Stone Restoration Services

Our natural stone restoration services are designed to provide complete solution including Cleaning, Sealing, Refinishing, Resurfacing, Polishing, Honing, Crack, Scratch and Chip Repair, Hard Water Stain Removal, and Color Enhancing. We service all types of natural stone surfaces, such as floors, walls, decks, kitchen, bathroom, living room, pool decks, patio, balconies, terrace and more. Our expert team will ensure that your natural stone surface looks polished and new-like once again.

Fast, And reliable Solution

You can rely on our natural stone restoration services as we are fast, efficient and reliable. We are a licensed and insured company with an expert team that comes with many years of experience. No matter what type of restoration service you need, we will ensure the best results. We offer customized solution to meet your exact needs. Not to mention, our services are highly affordable with reasonable prices and no hidden charges. We use the latest tools and techniques to provide the best restoration your natural stone surface needs.

Call us now - (312) 800-1659 to discuss your options.

Before and After Pictures

Terrazzo Countertop Polishing Chicago

Terrazzo Countertop Polishing
Project Description: This counter top is one of the funkiest and most awesome looking design pieces we have ever seen. This counter top embodied how awesome terrazzo can be. This is a classic diamond hone, polish and seal job. But how often do you get to see something that looks as cool as this terrazzo counter top!

Travertine Floor Polishing Chicago

Travertine Floor Polishing
Project Description: The Granite Heroes transformed this travertine floor from a flat or matte hone to a deep clear polish. We paided extra special attention to the center piece of the room, the floor medallion. As you can see you can read the wattage off the light bulbs! Call today and request a FREE Estimate.

Limestone Floor Restoration Chicago

Limestone Floor Restoration
Project Description: This bathroom limestone floor needed the help of not just a Hero but a Granite Hero. This picture documents the finished product after we diamond grinded, honed, and re polished the limestone floor back to a factory finish. Check out the clear deep shine present in the floor tiles


hero kit coming soon

Finally a natural stone cleaner worthy of being called a HERO!


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