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Stone Cleaning Contractors Waukegan, IL

Granite Heroes is ready to analyze your stone's issues and determine whether it requires light maintenance or complete restoration. You're not sure what kind of stone you have? It's not a problem. During the visit, we will take detailed pictures and conduct tests to provide you with the most accurate analysis possible.

Whether it's your kitchen or bathroom countertops or your floors, you can count on us Stone Cleaning Contractors Waukegan to take care of your property so you can focus on what's important to you. We will sanitize stone floors, countertops, cabinets, entrances, fireplaces, and other surfaces using our all-natural process. We use water-based impregnating sealers that function beneath the surface of the stone, preventing its pores and making it less absorbent. After sealing, we will polish the surface if necessary. This method will keep your surface looking gleaming and new. Book your service now.

Local Waukegan-Based Stone Restoration Contractors

Are you searching for stone restoration contractors in Waukegan? You've arrived at the right place. Most etch and scratches can be removed, restoring your stone to its initial luster. Stone restoration and repair require more labor and the use of specialized equipment.

Every situation is evaluated for optimal results based on the nature of the stain. Over time settling can occur, causing a seam to separate on your countertop. We use epoxy and colorants designed specifically for natural stone to repair the open seam. Our Stone Restoration Contractors Waukegan, Granite Heroes specializes in gentle stone hand-care, employing environmentally friendly goods and techniques. Call today for a free in-home estimate.

Stone Cleaning & Restoration Services Waukegan, IL

A thorough cleaning is all that is required to restore your stone and tile to their original state. Aside from using a natural-stone cleaner, our particularly trained and certified Stone Cleaning Contractors Waukegan plan, clean, and seal your surfaces for maximum protection. We use natural stone cleaning solutions that have been laboratory-developed and field-tested to cut through tough grease and dirt.

We can also meticulously hone the surface of the stone, extracting scratches, etches, and signs of wear and tear. Our Stone Restoration Contractors Waukegan will polish the stone surface to the desired shine using specialized equipment and procedures. The surface is then sealed and buffed to prevent future staining. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to clean granite countertops, marble showers, or other natural stone surfaces in your home.

Why Choose Us?

We've seen every stone and situation the natural stone restoration industry has to offer over the years. We provide a passionate, artisan-level product by combining experience, craftsmanship, and a customer-centric approach. Our skilled stone cleaning contractors Waukegan will use high-end tools and methods to ensure that your granite surfaces, such as the floor, tabletop, kitchen island, bathroom wall, and others, look their best again.

Once the date is set, you can expect to be greeted by our skilled stone cleaning professional on the day of your appointment. Our specialist will refinish the stone to the specifications you specify in the proposal, using a combo of machines, elbow grease, and well-planned work. Intrigued in being a part of the process? Give us a call today to schedule your stone care assessment and appointment.


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