What Is Our Natural Stone Cleaning Process?

stone marble cleaner

Step 1. Identify the type of natural stone

Natural stone covers a wide array of materials such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, onyx, sandstone, flagstone, bluestone and slate. Natural stone finish styles include polished, honed, tumbled, flamed, antiqued, textured, and natural. Regardless of the finish ALL natural stone require a different cleaning process to maintain the condition of the stone. High PH cleaners may dull your finish, & remove existing sealers. Acidic Ph chemicals may etch & damage a finish, and cause pitting. Out experts identity the type of stone and create a custom cleaning plan for its unique characteristics.

Work Space preparation

Step 2. Thoroughly Prep Work Space

After a Granite Hero stone specialist has identified the natural stone type, and existing finish, the team will thoroughly prep the work space to insure your home stays in the condition it was in before we got there. Our services are designed to enhance the look of your home, not cause issues in other areas. Our heroes lay drop cloths, apply special plastic wraps, tape and prep all work space before starting the natural stone cleaning process.

natural stone cleaning

Step 3. Deep Clean Natural Stone Surface

Natural stone cleaning is the process of completely removing all surface grease, grim, dirt, scum, sealers, and topical waxes. Deep cleaning natural stone consists of the sue of specially formulated cleaning agents, ph sensitive, ph neutral, combined with the use of agitation, finished with a rinse, final clean, and seal of the natural stone tile or surface. This process is most times classified as a cleaning or maintenance program. If your natural stone suffers from scratch's, stains, etching, water spots, these are all changes to the surface of the stone and require our natural stone restoration program.

white marble

Step 4. Finish and Apply Sealer

All natural stones are pores by nature, which means they need to be sealed regularly to prevent staining. Natural stones that are placed in a high moisture area such as showers, and counter tops need to be sealed more often. After your surface has been properly deep cleaned our Granite Hero natural stone specialists apply a penetrating natural stone sealer to your natural stone shower, counter top, or floor. Different sealer options are availabe. Ask your Hero for more details.


The Do's & Don'ts of Natural Stone


A dust mop is the best way to remove dog hair, lint, dust, and surface dirt. Most dust mops today are micro-fiber, which means the have a static charge which allows them to clean without the use of liquids or heavy cleaning products.


A ph neutral natural stone soap is ideal to remove grease, spills, and surface haze created by daily use. A PH neutral cleaner is ideal for marble and granite countertops as well as all natural stone flooring and showers.


The most important step in the daily maintenance and care of your natural stone is a 2nd final rinse with water only. Most cleaners still leave a residue or film after the initial cleaning. Its important to wipe the area a 2nd time, to remove any remaining cleaning agents which may still be present our your counter top or floor.


Regardless if your natural stone is sealed or not, certain spills or liquids with acidic properties will eat threw the sealer and damage the surface of the marble, granite, limestone, travertine, or slate surface. Sealers are designed to protect the floor from sills and liquids, however if they will break down with a steady dose of acid or bleach based agent.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand, if you want to keep something looking new, then you need to care, maintain, and protect it from things which can hyper increase its aging or condition. This logic is no different for natural stone. Even rocks need love too!


We all love urban legends and myths. These days its shocking how many people belief the myths are reality. In the case of vinegar being a good cleaner for natural stone is a prime example. Vinger is an acid which will dull, etch, and open up the pores in the natural stone , compromising the look and destroying the finish.


Porcelien tile cleaners are designed for porcelain not natural stone. Man made tiles such a ceramic porcelain have a machine finish or factory coating applied to clay fired tile. This man made machine coating is designed to be super durable is not the same material as a natural stone.


Abrasive cleaners are designed to scrub grease a grim off of a factory coated clay tile like porcelain or ceramic. They are not designed to clean a polished stone like marble or granite. These abrasive cleaners will scratch the surface of the natural stone.


Cleaning can turn toxic when these 2 chemical agents are combined. Lets practice save environmentally friendly cleaning practices, and not try and kill our selves in the process.


The metal or plastic attachments or the wheels may scratch the stone's surface. Cleaning a natural stone floor should be executed with a dust mop and ph neutral cleaning solution.

Before and After Pictures

Slate Shower Cleaning Chicago

Slate Shower Cleaning
Project Description: Slate showers need to be cleaned and sealed 1 time a year. This job we document the slate shower cleaning and sealing project. After we vapor steam cleaned the slate shower we finished the shower walls with a color enhancing penetrating sealer.

Limestone Floor Cleaning Chicago

Limestone Floor Cleaning
Project Description: The Granite Heroes provided a deep vapor steam clean of the limestone floor and tile and grout services. The Heroes then finished the deep cleaning process with penetrating natural stone sealer designed for limestone flooring. Call today and request a FREE Estimate.

Granite Countertop Polishing Chicago

Granite Countertop Cleaning
Description: On this granite job not only did we clean and polish the granite counter top we also "popped" the back splash making this kitchen look bright, new, and vibrant. We then applied a fresh line of silicon along the the seem where the back splash connects to the counter top.


hero kit coming soon

Finally a natural stone cleaner worthy of being called a HERO!


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